Do you believe that PC games are tied in with shooting and killing? Indeed, you are completely misguided. There are many game titles made by welcoming game designers that are kids safe. Here are only a couple of them.


Meet the Dropheads, diverting and loveable characters with treasure at the forefront of their thoughts. Assist these weird little men with exploring the oceans by matching them in gatherings of at least four. Then, watch them skip off the screen. As you go, gather bits of a fortune map and collect them to track down the secret plunder. What’s more, with two game modes, Arcade for the individuals who like a high speed and Procedure for the people who like a loosening up redirection, there’s something for everybody.

Dropheads Game Key Elements:

* Extra reward and shock game to settle

* Two unique ongoing interaction styles for a solitary one-time cost

* One of a kind blend of incredible interactivity and outrageous tomfoolery

* Gather each of the 5 money boxes while investigating secret islands

* Energized simple to-get a handle on instructional exercises on each and every component

* Smiley characters with diverting livelinesss

* Quicker paced ทางเข้าเว็บ relax game with more straightforward levels

* Exemplary riddle game with mind-testing levels

Tetris Unrest

Tetris Unrest isn’t one more 3D revamp of perhaps of the best all-time exemplary throughout the entire existence of computer games – Tetris. As a matter of fact, the contrast between Tetris Transformation and any remaining changes in similar to the distinction between a new mug of coffee in a Venetian bistro and a Styrofoam cup of moment espresso in McDonnalds! Tetris Upheaval got totally phenomenal 3D modern style designs. Additionally, you’ll be blessed to receive 5 different game sorts to suit any sort of player: Transformation, Pentix, Emptix, Children and Retro, it has sublime sound system sound. Indeed, it has basically all that you can imagine and a bit more: different states of blocks, various rewards, explosives to dispose of undesirable blocks, and so forth. This will change your concept of what a breat