A vast majority of online gamers have played stickman games and most, if not all of them are drawn toward the web-based game featuring nothing else but stick figures. One may ask why this is the case, given that these games differ significantly compared to others from the graphical aspect. Stickman games feature human bodies composed of nothing but sticks, and the environment is usually also drawn to similar effect. Given that parts like teeth, hair or appealing clothes are usually non-existent in a stickman’s world, it therefore shouldn’t be too hard to fathom if players decide to brush the game aside and move on to other games. However, empirical evidence seem to suggest otherwise. Although most of these games involve only simple movements and are played in black and white, they are still very popular and continue to rise in status.

There are actually a variety of reasons why these web-based stickman games are so well-liked. The first of these reasons is that such games span many genres. To give you an idea about the breadth of its reach, some of the most popular ones today involve shooting, strategy, first person, adventure and puzzle games. Most of these games are demanding, often posing great challenge to players. It is quite common to observe players wracking their brains while in the deep end of a game, trying to get a shot or perfect their timing in achieving a goal.

The second reason comes quite naturally. Stickman games are the epitome of simplicity when it comes to online games. There is no need for intricate details like curls in the hair, painted fingernails or flashy animation. One does not need to worry about how his or her character looks like since there isn’t a need to create one. More often than not, you only have to press Start or Play to get moving in the game.

Simplicity is not solely associated with the graphical details of the game. You can also find simplicity in the controls. There is no need to memorize long lists of keyboard shortcuts; all you need is a mouse and, at most, some help from the arrow keys. Aim and fire, jump high or crouch – it depends on the genre of the game that you are playing. Above all, stickman games are not overly sophisticated. They are very easy to get into. Although some games may feature tutorials to learn the controls, beginners can usually skip these and dive straight into these games without any problem at all.

Another reason concerns loading UFABETทางเข้าเว็บตรงมือถือ times. Players who have slow internet connections can have the game ready to play within seconds. Due to its plain vanilla graphics, web-based stickman games do not require much bandwidth usage. All it takes is a few seconds to a few minutes to load. For most players, time is essential and if they cannot get a game to run on short notice, they feel better off looking at other online games.

Stickman games are generally free to play. You can finish all the levels, obtain all the artillery you need or play the game to your heart’s content. There are no restrictions at all. Plant explosives, win wars, assemble your platoon – you choose the theme that you wish to play. Given the great array of choices, players do not find it hard to find their favorite niche game in the stickman franchise.

Although stickman games are different in nature compared to other top online games, this does not mean that they are less entertaining. In fact, they will offer you hours and hours of exciting gameplay experience without the need for colorful graphics and striking animations.